Monday, February 1, 2010

Orientation - FOREVER21

Today I had to wake up at 7am to get ready for a 9:00am orientation I had with Forever21. I was feeling really nervous for some reason... which is weird ... but hey! I guess its because I'm so used to my old job that I worked for almost 3 years and sometimes changes can be hard for me, and on top of that I'm always trying to be the best at everything I do so... I was thinking WAY to much.

They gave us this employee handbook and a huge stack of other papers with guidelines to follow. This felt like high school all over again when I used to fall asleep in class HAHA. I was super tired and it took us about 4 hours to go over all the papers. But I didnt show that I was tired... how bad would that look!?!? LOL! I think I am going to really like this job. Its so upbeat and fashion forward. The managers are great and my co- workers seem really friendly and have great personalities.

So I wanted to be on the casual side today... well casual but still Fashionable! I love love love these jeans. They are from Urban Behavior and I think they look super COOLio.
YUP This is what I wore TODAY!


  1. CONGRATS!!!
    thats so cool
    you live in LA now your gonna love it I love it lol
    but if you have time can you come by my blog and follow thanks take care <33

  2. Well you'll get through it... and in the end everything will be coming up roses! -Troy R.

  3. awww :) congrats for moving to LA ^^ hope everything goes well at ur new job :D